The successful launch of your new device or technology into the German-speaking countries of Europe requires strategic, coordinated planning followed by timely execution of stakeholder-specific tactical marketing. Our highly skilled team can provide the strategic thinking and practical know-how you need to indentify payment barriers and to ensure the best possible reimbursement conditions for your product. Our services are tailored to the needs of both start-up and established healthcare companies

Depending on our clients’ starting situation and technology, we are typically asked to provide an analysis of where the technology stands in the healthcare system, what the reimbursement options are and what steps we would recommend for the client.

> Reimbursement Roadmap

Such a roadmap generally sets the foundation for the reimbursement strategy plan and timeline of events. On the basis of the agreed plan, we are ready to assist you “hands-on” when strategies are implemented into practice. This may include advice and practical support on the following issues:

  • Preparing and submitting any formal  applications that could be recommended to improve the funding situation of your product.
    > Application Services
  • Assembling evidence to demonstrate the (added) value and cost-effectiveness of your innovative technology.
    > Value Dossier
  • Creation of market access and reimbursement support materials and tools.
    > Value Statement
  • Development and implementation of all levels of reimbursement training and educational support, including customized training specific to your product.
    > Training Workshops