About us

The Business Concept


Our consulting and service activities allow our clients the optimal and quickest possible positioning of their innovative medical technology in the predominately German-speaking markets of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. A fast access to the reimbursement system and an appropriate reimbursement level are essential criteria for the success or the failure of innovative medical or pharmaceutical products. Basic elements for a careful strategic planning along with intensive support during the local implementation include accurate knowledge and its application to the legal, political, economic and reimbursement conditions and coherences within each of the German-speaking countries. A further critical factor is the understanding of the mentality and business approaches both in Europe and overseas.

If, as a result of a strategic reimbursement analysis, you find that the current coding and funding mechanisms are not adequate to provide appropriate coverage and payment for your product, Medalliance Consulting offers a full range of services to ensure that you achieve the highest possible level of reimbursement for your technology.