Application Services

Writing applications is one thing – preparing successful applications is what our clients expect from us. Before submitting applications it is necessary to develop a clear understanding of the process and how a technology fits into a sequence of activities that are the key to market success.

We have a record of dozens of submissions in Germany and in Switzerland in all sectors of the respective healthcare systems (hospital, outpatient, homecare). Medalliance is highly experienced in assisting medical device and pharmaceutical companies to complete the appropriate application(s). We can help you at all stages of the submission process and coordinate the activities needed. Here are some of the applications we can prepare for you:


In Germany   

OPS – Procedure code
NUB – Innovation Payment
G-DRG Proposal Process –
Changes in DRG classification /supplemental payments
Drug Ordinance - Drug-like medical devices G-BA
KBV Innovation Service
HMV Aids List - Medical technical aids GKV-Spitzenverband 
Special outpatient services
(§116b SGB V)
Innovation Benefits Assessment
(§137e SGB V)


In Switzerland    
CHOP - Procedure code    BFS
SwissDRG Proposal Process    SwissDRG AG
MiGeL List - Medical-technical aids    BAG
In Austria    
MEL - Procedure code  BMG
LKF-  Treatment-Innovation codes  BMG